As an editor, I’ve used the pilcrow symbol (¶) many times to mark the place a new paragraph should begin. Recently, I discovered another meaning for the pilcrow: alinea, Latin for “off the line,” an expression that suggests independence and truth-telling, even when contrary to received wisdom. In the Middle Ages, scribes used the pilcrow to mark a “new train of thought” in an otherwise uniform work.

That is why Pilcrow was chosen as the name for this blog. Pilcrow is to be a place for writing that represents “a new train of thought” that is free to be “off the line.” It will be a forum for different writers to present thoughtful and original articles, reviews, analyses, political commentary, and fiction.

It is important to me that what appears on this blog is well written and carefully edited.  As much as I enjoy the larger, free-wheeling world of writing and authorship that the Internet provides, it has also meant that poorly written and edited materials are commonplace. I also want this blog to provoke thought, and your comments and insights are part of this community.  To ensure that the dialogue is honest but respectful of others’ points of view, I reserve the right to delete comments that are cruel, racist, sexist, or similarly unacceptable.

Welcome to Pilcrow.